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Welcome to the Crack RP Comm. This place is as crack, AU, and THNM as one can get. A mini-Nexus in itself, which may or may not be associated with the Nexus of dear_multiverse, itself. Feel free to join your HB-verse canon or OC pup here, human or supernatural, or even AU someone from another canon. This is not a dressingroom, and we are not picky folks, here.

That said, here's where I lay some details on you fine folks:

Comicverse, animated filmverse, live-action filmverse, anything. Come on in.

This is BPRD nationwide, though most RP is set in the major base in New Jersey. Basic layout of the base for reference is here.

Your pup can hail from before or after the events of the first or the second film. THNM. Wonderful stuff. Yes, that even means we can have a Prof. Broom if you want.

Normal humans are not just redshirts or destined for Antarctica! I promise!

That said, if you don't want a normal human, supernatural characters will need discussed, just so we don't have too much overlap and suddenly have the comm filled with twenty telepaths or thirty-three and a third half-daemons. I'm sure you understand.

There is no AVF. That'd defeat the whole purpose. There is, however (or will be), mun communication. Extensive mun communication. Use it.

Drama-llamas are open season year-round. Here's your internet rifle and your internet camo. Shoot to mod-alert.

What that means in plain English is that, yes. The Hellboy canon has its moments of drama and angst and whathaveyou. But not terribly much. It's there for good, clean violent, monster-bashing fun and so is this comm. So don't angst up the place, or we'll put you on scrubbing detail and lemme tellya, angst is impossible to get out of carpeting.

Where's the shooting come in? When someone's going a bit far and wrecking the place OOC, and just won't listen to you. That's when you metaphorically tag 'em with the handy-dandy metaphorical bright-green-glowing tracking bullet and the mods can hunt 'em down reaaal easy. Have a nice talk. Hopefully not have to blast 'em out with the Bullets of Bannination. You know the deal.

Done? Done. So have fun, everybody. Spread the crackly goodness like chunky peanutbutter on RP toast!